Since 1982, Lake Ivan Performance Group has presented their poetic montages of words, music, and images in performance venues throughout New York, such as Here, Symphony Space, Theater for the New City, PS 122, Dixon Place, and many others. Now, they are making their work more widely available through a series of innovative videos, which combine meticulously crafted computer-generated imagery with improvised text and music. The videos are shown on Public Access television, and have been screened at a variety of public venues, including the Dahlonega International Film Festival, Valleyfest, the Silver Lake Film Festival, the Bearded Child Film Festival, the Robert Beck Memorial Cinema, the Puget Sound Cinema Society, and other venues.

In these wholly improvised pieces, performer/director David Finkelstein and performers James Martin and Agnes de Garron take the viewer on a journey into an inner landscape of surprising and poetic juxtapositions of words and images. The results are both ironically humorous and emotionally resonant. Multiple layers of overlaid imagery and text help the viewer to make sense of the complex sound track, which consists of two simultaneous monologues plus music, by bringing out the emotional and musical threads which run through the piece, while highlighting key phrases of text.

Micro-Film wrote that "Lake Ivan Exists #21" is "a tight example of how to make a successful experimental video." The Village Voice wrote that Lake Ivan's performance "derived a powerful emotional current from de Garron's wounded, clownlike persona," while Theatre Journal called Finkelstein's direction "revelatory," and de Garron's performance "riveting."

DAVID FINKELSTEIN has been making performances since 1982. He has been developing a style of improvised performance work since 1993, which he has performed at Here, Theater for the New City, the Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Movement Research at the Judson Church, PS 122, The Knitting Factory, New York Improvisation Festival, and many other venues. He has taught Improvisation Technique for 3 years at Movement Research, where he was Artist in Residence in 1997. His work has been funded by The Fund for Creative Communities, The Field, Movement Research, meet the Composer, The Brooklyn Arts Exchange, BACA, and many individual donors. His video work has been featured in the PBS series "Under the Pink Carpet," the OMA Awards, the PrideVision cable network, and numerous film festivals and screening events.


Awards for "Earth and Moon in Love":

"Best of Fest: Experimental" Putnam County Film and Video Festival
"Silver Medal of Excellence" Park City Film Music Festival
"Best Experimental Short" Brooklyn Arts Council Film Festival
"Best of Festival: Experimental" Berkeley Video and Film Festival

"Grand Festival Award: Experimental" for Born in Mid-Flight, Berkeley Video and Film Festival

"Best of Festival: Experimental" for Radiant Emanators, Berkeley Video and Film Festival

"Best of Fest: Experimental" for Lovely Academic Slaughter Houses, Putnam County Film and Video Festival

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