Spontaneous Artifacts

Spontaneous Artifacts is a new feature length experimental film by David Finkelstein

Created and performed by David Finkelstein and Ian W. Hill

Music, editing, and visual design by David Finkelstein

Total running time: 77 minutes

A poetic examination of the way that we record and organize our experiences, and the dangers of creative expression.

Two actors improvise an extended dialog, examining the way that we record and organize our experiences, and the dangers inherent in creative expression. Their words inspire a series of complex, unfolding landscapes, meticulously rendered in 3D animation, and a multi-layered musical score. Like archeologists of the unconscious, their explorations unearth images from their imaginations, as well as from our shared, cultural legacies, giving rise to vistas filled with clocks, flying pizza pies, pyramids, tarot cards, and myriad other artifacts. By turns ecstatic, reflective, illuminating and elegiac, these visually sumptuous explorations draw the viewer into an inner landscape.

Available in English and French

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