Click on the links above to find an inter-related set of pages, in which I explore improvisation technique, my new video and performance projects, and comment generally on the state of experimental film and video, as well as other assorted topics.

Under Improvisation Technique, you will find detailed descriptions of my approach to improvised performance, which I have been developing since 1992. Although in my own video art work, I use this approach to generate improvised poetic dialogs, the technique has broad applications, and can be used as well by musicians, dancers, and actors in traditional theater. The emphasis is on performing improvised work for a live audience or for film, rather than using improvisation to develop scripted work.

The technique teaches you to allow improvised movement and language grow from a rich inner landscape of sensations, emotions, images, and musicality. You will learn tools which will help you to access actors’ intuitions and to create consistently brilliant improvisations for film or stage. The emphasis throughout is on helping the student to find an organic form true to her experience, rather than working within set forms.

Under the heading Rehearsal Notes you will find more useful improv techniques. These notes come from real situations in which I was working with performers on specific projects, and so they show how the technique is developed in relation to specific artistic needs.

Under Improv Exercises you will find a few specific exercises which are useful in building improv skills.

Under Opinions, you can read me sounding off on various topics, not necessarily directly related to improvisation.