This is a 3 minute excerpt from Terrifying Blankness. The original is 30 minutes.

“Terrifying Blankness” examines the dilemma of choice. Paralyzed by the fear of making the wrong move, the two protagonists find themselves either trapped on the wheel of desire or else trying to escape from the fear of choice entirely by withdrawing into an empty blankness. Lemons, snakes, and swans are among the curious images which play a part in this existential drama. Will they finally locate the inner voice which will guide them in their decisions?

Like many of my videos, this is based on a completely improvised performance by the two actors, myself and Cassie Terman. After videotaping the improvisation, I created the music and then the additional images, as a way of investigating the content which appeared spontaneously in the improvisation.

“Terrifying Blankness” was screened at CRS New York, Pura Vida, North Carolina, Artists’ Television Access, San Francisco, LA Filmforum, California, Instants Video, France, Minnesota State University, and Experiments in Cinema, New Mexico.