This is a 3 minute excerpt from my 2014 video, Privy. The original is 20 minutes.

A young woman is forced to live with an unsympathetic stepmother, and spends much of her time in an outhouse, escaping into books and her own vivid fantasy life. “Privy” uses oblique, poetic language, fanciful images and musical interludes to depict her daydreams and her evolving plans for escape. Based on an improvisation by actors David Finkelstein and Ian W. Hill.

Like many of my videos, this is based on a completely improvised performance by the two actors, in this case myself and Ian W. Hill. After videotaping the improvisation, I created the music and then the additional images, as a way of investigating the content which appeared spontaneously in the improvisation. I also added footage of actresses Michael Spaeth and Barbara Vann, portraying characters that had appeared in the original improvised text.